We work with Hospitals nationwide, (both public and private), in assisting patients through your customer care/social service/family service divisions.

We assist in legally contacting creditors, at any time, to help get forbearances, deferments, and or restructuring loans for people that have been “seriously” incapacitated.

This can help the person:

  • Save their credit score/credit report.
  • Prevent repossessions.
  • Prevent late fees.

* We do not work with any walk-in clinics/urgent care facilities, nor physicians that work outside the hospital. Referrals can only come through a hospital.

* We do charge a fee for our services, directly to the client, it is a “pay for results fee” structured program.

* If you would like to add this service benefit to your current or past patients – please contact us for a simple/super quick registration.

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