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Big Problem Finally Solved

In the past, when you referred people to other different financial industries, you likely never received a referral or lead commission. Either you weren’t licensed in that industry or State, or, you had no measurable way to track, follow up, and measure what you should get paid. We are RESPA compliant, and we follow the rules of the FTC, CFPB, and others. We are virtually a vastly expanded, version of the Zillow Flex Program (they submit leads initially for free and then only charge money for the leads, after the sale/monies collected, and they get paid 35% of the commissions). Zillow won 2 recent lawsuits in Federal Court, and see below for more information on these cases and our RESPA compliance.

How Easy Is This? Super extremely easy. Earn Massive Eligible Commissions by simply sending in leads, for people needing Commercial Loans, or, better rates on Merchant Credit Card Processing, or, Tax Lien Negotiation, or, needing Personal Loans, or, for those wanting Business Coaching, or Debt Settlement, or Tax Lien Negotiations, Or Foreclosure Saving (commercial or Residential), or for those wanting to Franchise their small business, or, for NFT and Crypto Coaching, or, for people needing Credit Repair, and many more financial needs. What if you were legally earning big money, and, even on some of these services you are earning monthly residual money, for merely submitting leads for people and businesses that want these services?

This program is unique, mostly lead-based, and incentivizes everyone to submit quality leads, and, the vendors pay out big time when they close deals and get paid. For the most part, this has never been done before, in this manner. You can now earn big money from your leads going to Licensed Professionals (far more than you ever thought possible)/and you don’t even need to be a licensed Professional to get paid. SEE the difference in (internet) “Leads” versus “Referrals.”

Let’s make 2022 an amazing year. Also, be sure to give a super big thank you, to the person who referred you to our affiliate program.

This is a 2 Tiered Commission Program

 The lowest eligible commissions are at 30% and 10%, of what “Company” receives. Some categories have even higher commission structures. Your program comes with full tracking, huge commissions, easy sign-ups, and you can have an infinite amount of 2nd tier affiliates, and, this is a totally ground floor opportunity.

A two-tier affiliate program follows a two-tier payment structure whereby affiliate marketers not only receive commissions on the sales they generate, but also on sales generated by the other affiliate marketers that they referred to the affiliate program/who directly signed up on their affiliate link/Reflink. So, by signing up for a two-tier affiliate program, you will not only receive commissions on your own commissionable referrals, but also on the referral (successful) sales triggered by other affiliate marketers whom you brought into this same program, and who became fellow affiliate partners, through your link/Reflink.

There is no 3rd, 4th, 5th, or 6th tiers, etc…available commissions. This is merely 2 tiers/2 tiers only, that are available to each affiliate. Typically 30% and 10% of the company’s earned money, is structured to go to the affiliates.

There are exceptions whereby the Merchant Terminal Credit Card Processing sales – Company offers you a juicy 50% and 10% distribution, of what monies the company receives.

See Our Full and Complete 100% Money back Guarantee below!

Full support email, and instruction slides, training video tutorials/for those successfully signed up.

Successfully enrolled affiliates will have login access for tracking leads, and tracking commissions, and tracking 2nd tier affiliate activities, and viewable access to the status of each lead.


In order to maintain the highest standards within the network, and to keep this from growing too large to fast, we charge a refundable $199 application fee (and after 1 year, if you have not earned $199 or more in paid commissions to you, then we will fully refund any difference in full, on your $199 application fee).

Also, if you are not approved to be an affiliate, we will immediately refund your $199 application fee.

Also, Your $199 application fee will be fully refunded with your first commission earnings, that top $500.

If you choose to stay with us, after 12 months, there is an annual affiliate member fee of $99 for every affiliate. If for some bizarre reason you are eligible for a refund after the 12 months/no earned commissions, then we will fully refund your application fee, and, we will terminate your account. However, in that same bizarre situation, If you would rather us/want us, to keep your account open/and to waive the refund, you’ll have 30 days after your 1 year affiliate program expires, to notify us of such/and, we will honor your request, and, we will waive the upcoming year renewal fee (it will be $ zero/free of charge). The “application fee” and renewal fees are not commissionable on either affiliate or vendor sign-ups. What is commissionable though are the leads from products and service sales that successfully generate closed deals/generate money/as outlined in the Affiliate agreement. There may be some outside advertisers on the side/banner/other places, that are separate from this program, and not currently commissionable in this particular program. The products and services that are listed herein (below), are indeed commissionable.

Disclaimer: Nobody will be guaranteed to make any money. This is a business risk, and it has a super strong 100% full money back guarantee. Most multi-tiered programs have many, many sign-ups, and statistically the majority of the people in these types of programs don’t make any money. We love this program, there seems to be nothing like it, but we always have to give legal disclaimers.

Some purchases such as: Real Estate sales may take around 4 months on estimated average to close/Mortgages may take around an estimated 45 days to close/foreclosure bailouts may take over 1 year/and some products or services such as the high-end credit repair, or high-end debt settlement, and or other products and services, are designed for immediate sales and immediate eligible commissions.

Massive Eligible Payouts: Look at some of them further below.

**Application fees and annual renewal fees are not commissionable, just the leads from products sales and service sales that successfully close, as outlined in the Affiliate Agreement are eligible to generate money.

***The rule of thumb in making money in a 2 tiered program, is to mainly promote the products and services first, and secondly to promote the program to other potential affiliates. You should view the 2nd tier as a bonus, not as the main income source. Money is not made, until there are solid leads, and business deals that are closing. However, if you have many more potential affiliates as connections in your network, then you actually do potential leads, then, you may be an exception to this general rule.

You can send your Link/Reflink out to the world. You can put your Reflink in blogs, or in emails, or post on other websites embedded in relevant content, on social media groups, and introduce movers and shakers in the financial world, to your affiliate link to register themselves as a new affiliate. This will help you build your 2nd tier affiliates for more eligible commissions for yourself.

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