“How lucky for the abusive super rich that the common man or woman chooses or prefers ignorance and lack of courage” – Sam Sky

Welcome to learning how to negotiate, a modern and improved way to reach out and obtain what you want in life.
According to – “Negotiation is the mutual discussion and arrangement of the terms of a transaction or agreement.” Most people tend to think of negotiation in the business context or in connection with major purchases, such as a home or a car. A negotiation is any communication in which you are attempting to achieve the approval, consent, or action of someone else. Negotiations are done all day every day, not just on the job, but in every situation that anybody may encounter. You negotiate with your spouse, your kids, your boss, your employees, your vendors, your clients, collectors and creditors, etc. All of these relationships call for constant negotiation. Much of your time may get spent on one minute life negotiations such as, “Mom, can I borrow $20?” “Well what did you do to deserve that $20?” or “Honey, can you change the baby? I’m busy cooking dinner.”

Who really needs this book? EVERYONE! With this book you will learn to negotiate your debt and many other important lessons that may, if applied correctly, improve your entire life style. A lot of people assume that they know a great deal about negotiation. Given they negotiate everyday just as you and I do, they may or may not have ever given a moment’s thought to the essentials of successful negotiating. Also, you have the type of people out there that believe that their lawyers are knowledgeable about negotiating merely because they are lawyers. Believe it or not, most people who actually negotiate for a living are untrained. Below is a glimpse of the average American’s household budget:

  • Average American income $50K
  • Average home price ‐ $250k
  • Monthly Budget for a Family of Four:
  • Take home pay ‐ $3,300
  • Mortgage (based on $200k assuming 20% down on $250k) ‐ $1,199
  • Real Estate Taxes ‐ $200
  • Car loan/lease ‐ $250
  • Electricity ‐ $200
  • Health Insurance ‐ $200
  • Car Insurance ‐ $200
  • Gas ‐ $350
  • Food ‐ $800 (less than $10 per meal for everyone “total”)

The average family is now at $3,399 not including credit card debt, clothing, dental, car repairs, out of pocket medical expenses, home equity loans, etc… Use your personal budget and you will see that whether you earn $5k or $15k, it has become very important that EVERYONE learns to negotiate ‐ to save money ‐ in all areas of their life.

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