V.I.P Business Grant Package — (Also Includes for Free, 1 VIP Personal Grant Package Setup Fee.)


This amount is your 1 time set up fee.
V.I.P Business Grant Package
$3595 for an VIP Business Grant Package. Business entities only (DBAs are okay): After the client is approved and receives funds or products, or services, you the business entity gets paid back your $1595 first, (your set-up fee essentially returned). Then anything after that, is divided in an 80%-20% split as client is to pay credit CRB 20% of what the individual receives over and above their returned $3595. If the client receives products (and not services), then the calculation for those products is only billed to the individual at 10% of the product value, after your set-up fee is re-imbursed. Loan forgiveness fees range from 5%-15% depending on the amount, and only on the forgiven amount. Commercial Loans, if you choose to accept and approve them, we bill from 1/3rd of a point up to 2 points in some rare instances and usually for the much smaller loans, as per our terms and conditions.

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