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This is what we do. A package plan for each situation.

Living in a world of movers and shakers, we all know and see people who are newly climbing the stairs to big money success/rags to riches. Also, we see people who were previously obviously business successful, and for whatever reason(s) we see them sliding down to severe financial struggles.

We help both groups of people? Book An Initial 15 Minute Consultation To See If This Is a Fit.

Going up:

  • Having Measured Milestones of Progress is the 1st step. We help you design this – short term, mid-term, and long term (0-1 year/1 year to 4 years/4 years-10 years):
  • Resolving recent or old debt in the smartest way:
  • Leveraging your borrowing power:
  • Getting Your Credit Scores over 800 and blemish free:
  • Being Frugal with unimportant things, and designing a strategy for you to take to your stock broker/business investor partners, of either investing into conservative stocks or business purchases/real estate/other, and or exciting and magnetic ventures. We also discuss your purpose and path to pursue your spiritual deep happiness/your legacy, and charitable causes:
  • Protecting your tax liability, risk managements and or preventing or dealing with lawsuits, as you likely already have and certainly need the best professional people to be introduced to.
  • Deciding how you want to live, flashy/humble – limelight/low key, car(s), home(s),
  • Design who you need to meet, get introduced to the best connector(s), know what you also have to offer.
  • Protecting your phone number/what address should I use for bills/getting connected to the correct people:
  • Getting yourself into the best suited for you, Mastermind Group.

Going Down:

  • Mental preparation – what to sell/keep/get rid of and why writing it down is so important:
  • Drawing up Measured Milestones of Progress is the 1st step. We help you design this – short term, mid-term, and long term (0-1 year/1 year to 4 years/4 years-10 years) it is important to still focus on all pictures including your big picture for later:
  • Structuring which bills to be concerned with/knowing for later which ones you should negotiate/pay or, shouldn’t pay:
  • Mapping out the best people (which friends) to stay in frequent contact with to help you bounce back quickly.
  • Learn the best States that are Consumer friendly to establish residency in (remember, you can still work out of State), this is important:
  • How to best protect your credit now, for a fast rebound later when finances improve, to have stellar credit quickly then:
  • Where Divorce Courts and Bankruptcy Courts search to see your assets:
  • Knowing how to make filing your taxes most beneficial and get introduced the best professionals.
  • Get virtually free medical insurance with Obamacare.
  • Knowing the best places to protect and or secure, your current remaining funds:
  • Strategically prolonging foreclosures, and creditors that you are delinquent in – and keeping those relationships good for extra help and care and mutual respect, the possible need to downsize your home and vehicles:

$99 For An Initial 15 minute Call

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