Why Do You Need A 3-in-1 Credit Report?

Some people make the mistake of trying to get a free credit report. Also know that…

3 separate (individual credit reports) are too lengthy and encumber some to review, analyze, and time consuming to organize into our system– except if you don’t value your own time.

We do not recommend free credit reports because of the following:

• Free credit reports almost always come in 3 separate (individual reports)

• If they come In 1 report , they are almost always lacking the necessary information to find legal inaccuracies and incompleteness, which is needed to legally remove your bad credit

• Free credit reports are lengthy and encumber some

Why we do recommend 3 in 1 credit reports

• They usually include all 3 credit scores

• W are confident that they have a list of all creditors/collectors that are reporting inside the credit report, with their mailing addresses, which are necessary for credit repair success

• We are confident that they have full reporting details such as; open dates/close dates, date of last activity, etc…on all accounts.

• We are also certain that they list all inquiries reporting on your credit report, your previous listed addresses, places of employment, etc… Which most likely need to be legally cleaned up to get you a better credit score.

Do you need Secured Credit Cards?

Unlike a debit card…

• It gives you better options to rent a car.
• It can help build up your credit.
• We are confident it provides you better opportunities if you travel outside the country.

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