Need To Improve Your Credit Report?

Fact: You can easily have the credit bureaus legally remove any items that are inaccurate or incomplete from your credit report.

The Problem: Most Credit Repair Companies – enter disputes online – cross their fingers, say a prayer and hope for the best. They do not send letters directed towards having “credit bureau accountability”. These letters should also be sent to the “subsidiary bureaus” (most credit repair companies don’t even know who they are, or the possibilities of these smaller credit bureaus as to their ability to legally remove these negative items off the big bureaus in less than 30 days), letters to your creditors, collectors, their legal departments, your State Attorney General’s Office, and more.

Most of these Credit Repair companies don’t offer the preparation of Affidavits (sworn statements), Cease and Desist letters to creditors (to stop harassment), Letters of Validation (this can freeze collectors right in their path), and so much more.

How serious are you about your credit? Are you having the right people taking care of your credit?

Do you need your credit inquiries legally removed?  A.K.A.s?  Excessive addresses?  Excessive places of employment?  Additional Social Security Numbers?  And more!



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