Money Held and Unclaimed Property:

The most common forms of unclaimed monies are:


(Old) Bank savings or checking accounts

Uncashed payroll checks


(Old) Utility deposits (gas, water, electric, etc.)


(Unused) Travelers’ checks, money orders, gift certificates (state laws vary)
Trust and will distributions, inheritances, stock dividends (state laws vary)
Life insurance policies (possibly from your parents or grandparents)
Safety deposit boxes and much more…



News About Unclaimed Property:
Unclaimed Cash from Washington Mutual

The Federal Deposit Insurance Company (FDIC), which originally oversaw the seizure of Washington Mutual, the nation’s largest bank failure, and its subsequent sale to JP Morgan Chase, recently handed over nearly $251.4 million, to the states in mid 2009.


Dateline NBC/ You Might Be Rich! Here’s how to find out

In a rough economic time like this one, who couldn’t use some extra cash? There’s billions of dollars of unclaimed cash out there.


$17 million unclaimed in NE Indiana

What do Larry Bird, John Mellencamp and Reggie Miller have in common? They all have money in unclaimed property.


Where to Find Free Money

Last fall, Michelle Bixler received a letter from the state of Pennsylvania saying it had a $35,000 check for her from an insurance company. She thought it was a scam.


Does the Government Owe You Money?

The U.S. Treasury owes Americans nearly $17 billion in unredeemed Series E savings bonds. Sold from 1941 until 1980, the bonds were marketed initially as a way to show patriotism during World War II and later as a safe way to invest. But many people have lost or forgotten about bonds purchased generations ago.. now, some lawmakers and government officials are trying to help citizens get their money back.


WWII’s Unclaimed Treasure – States Battle U.S. For Billions in Lost Way Bonds

Nearly 70 years ago, the federal government began issuing hundreds of billions of dollars in savings bonds to finance the greatest war effort in the nation’s history, with no less than President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who summoned patriotic Americans to “one great partnership”, buying the very first.


Personal Finance: California’s lost and found fund is bulging with billions

It’s not like hitting the lottery, but it beats hunting for spare change in the couch cushions. When it comes to locating long-lost cash, on e of the most overlooked places is the state controller’s office.


Uncashed U.S. small bonds not small change

Uncle Sam owes Americans about $16.5 billion that they lent him…And he’s not doing enough to remind people to claim their money, some members of Congress say.


Many people do a generic search and don’t find money – their money; they didn’t do a thorough search. They didn’t search for saving bonds, retirement pension benefits, IRS, etc… TAKE ACTION! Or don’t?



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