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“The transition to ICD-10 absolutely could affect revenue if practices don’t prepare now”


Kathryn DeVault,

Senior Director of Health Information Management

(American Health Information Management     Association)

Ensure that you will be financially prepared for the transition from ICD-9, to ICD-10


Moving to ICD-10 CM/PCS will require tremendous effort and can incur incredible cost for private health care organizations. Aside from the standard costs for making regulatory changes, Physicians will not only absorb the financial burdens of purchasing new software, training and/or hiring new staff, but accounts receivable and collections will likely be severely delayed by these changes. In addition, the required two-year support of both code types adds another dimension of complexity and will further complicate productivity and billing performance. That’s when having access to unlimited cash financing and credit lines (without risking your personal assets) can give your medical practice peace of mind during this change. Business credit lines can improve cash flow and reduce your expenses.

Experts warn that medical practices that get caught unprepared, may suffer cash flow shortages. The link below is one of many articles emphasizing the importance of securing lines of credit to sustain your practice for at least three months.

Is your practice financially prepared?


We offer the most comprehensive funding system available, providing business owners with unprecedented access to funds through more than 2100 finance sources. Business credit is available frequently with no personal credit check and no personal guarantee. Our credit professionals and advisors will guide you through the entire process.


Call today for a consultation and find out how can help you prepare for the upcoming changes with our PROVEN system for financial credibility!



“If you are in need of getting sizeable credit lines (during the likely problematic transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10) with low interest rates, why would you waste time going anywhere other than to Their team of credit specialists work diligently to give you a wide array of possibilities to meet your unique needs as a medical professional.”

Dr. Robert J. Mack, MD
Chicago, ILL

“I am amazed at the numerous approvals for low interest/high limit credit lines that are available.  Everyone should seriously consider taking advantage of them. The possibilities are unlimited, thanks to CreditCRB.”

Dr. Stephen M. Olson, DO
Chesterfield, MI




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